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Our Staff

  • Jordan
    Veterinary Assistant

    Born and raised in Spokane, Jordan has been with us at Millwood Animal Clinic since 2015. She is described by her coworkers as dependable, humble, and delightful. She attended U.C. Davis for her undergraduate education where she earned a degree in Animal Science while competing as a gymnast at the collegiate level. Jordan enjoys hiking, exercise and horseback riding with her horse Bella, whom Jordan trained herself. Besides Bella, Jordan has 2 shih tzus named Scooter and Teako and a golden retriever named Jake. Jordan aspires to be a veterinarian and will be attending the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University this fall.

  • Alisha
    Veterinary Assistant

    Alisha was born and raised locally and has been with us at Millwood Animal Clinic since 2017. She attended Washington State University for her undergraduate education where she earned a degree in Zoology. Alisha has a contagious laugh and is described by her coworker as friendly, easy going, and professional. Alisha enjoys swing and line dancing, exploring the outdoors and going to concerts. Alisha has two Guinea pigs named Jaque and Gus and a Netherland dwarf rabbit named Oliver. Alisha hopes to one day do veterinary work at a zoo and has had internships at Point Defiance Zoo and Cougar Mountain Zoo.

  • Taylor
    Veterinary Technician

    Born and raised in Spokane, Taylor has been with us at Millwood Animal Clinic since 2016. Her coworkers describe her a dependable, intelligent, and confident. She attended Washington State University for her undergraduate education. Taylor is an avid reader and enjoys being with good friends, laughing, and hiking. Taylor has a grumpy cat named Lotus and an adorably clumsy cat named Pele. She also has a precious fox-faced dog named Axel. Taylor aspires to be a veterinarian and to travel the world before settling down somewhere warm.

  • Jade
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jade was born and raised locally, Millwood Animal Clinic was her first job. Jade started here as a kennel technician during her senior year of high school in 2009. She has since taken on the role of veterinary assistant along with numerous clinic responsibilities. Jade has rescued, fostered, and rehomed many cats and kittens during her time at Millwood and aspires to become a licensed veterinary technician. Jade’s coworkers describe her as a humble, kind, and hard-working ray of sunshine. Jade and her high school sweetheart Sean are raising their daughter Kambree along with their two fur babies Vinnie, a Maine Coon, and Turk, the domestic shorthair. Jade enjoys being outside, except when she’s watching football.

  • Leslie
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Originally from Milton-Freewater, Oregon, Leslie has been at Millwood since 2017.  Leslie is a horse enthusiast taking an interest in everything from barrel racing, drill team, and local rodeo to trail riding. Leslie (AKA Lethal Lester) also enjoys roller derby and watching her daughter ride horses. Leslie has 5 horses (Knight, Ike, Stevie, G.O., and Bill), 2 dogs (Mace & LeeLou), a cat named Bobbie, and a mini pig named Maxwell. Leslie aspires to gain a dentistry specialty and eventually become an equine massage therapist and acupuncturist while continuing to raise her daughter to be a strong, independent, and ambitious individual.

  • Amanda
    Veterinary Technician, Assistant Manager

    Born and raised in Spokane, Amanda has been with us at Millwood Animal Clinic since 2016, though she began working as a veterinary assistant in 2010. Her coworkers describe her as an intelligent social butterfly with great ideas and amazing red hair. Amanda enjoys country swing dancing, roller derby, and adventures. She’s also an avid reader and loves pitbulls. Amanda is mother to a sassy calico cat named Frankie. Amanda hopes to further dedicate herself to her career by becoming a licensed technician.

  • Beth
    Veterinary Technician

    Originally from Boston, MA, Beth came to Spokane in 2016 with her 3 pit bulls Cloe, Degan, and BreeAnna (Cloe & Degan are parents to BreeAnna), her domestic short hair Dudley, her husband, and her son. Beth’s coworkers describe her as adept, hilarious, warm, and easy to talk to. Some of Beth’s favorite activities include baking (her cookies are delicious) and watching the Boston Red Sox.

  • Tyler
    Veterinary Assistant

    The newest member of our crew, Tyler grew up here in Spokane and started at Millwood in 2018. Tyler's coworkers describe him as efficient, funny, and polite. He has a laid back German shepherd mix named Baxter and an energetic border collie/lab mix named Norman. Tyler enjoys camping and playing recreational sports in his free time. He hopes to attend WSU for wildlife ecology and then work as a conservationist for exotic animals.


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